Your Kitchen Renovation Could Be a Lot Cheaper Than You Think

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The kitchen is probably the most used room in any house and is always the ‘heart’ of your home. Giving your kitchen a makeover can be an exciting opportunity to give it your own personal touches. However, it can be a time consuming and expensive project.

Here are some handy tips to give your kitchen a new lease of life, without paying a fortune.

Colour scheme-the colour of your kitchen, like any room in the home, is the first thing that guests will notice. A new coat of paint can give it a fresher, cleaner look and will give even the most dated looking kitchen a modern feel. Always remember to pick colours that complement the style of your kitchen. If your kitchen has a modern, slick look, choose colours that reflect this like reds, blacks and whites. If your desired style is the classic, country look, pick light, pastel colours like creams, beiges and pale blues.

Customise what you already have-deciding to completely renovate the kitchen e.g. new cabinets, dining table, can be an extremely expensive task. Making simple adjustments to these items will make a huge difference. Adding a new stain or varnish to your tables, chairs or cabinets can give them a brand new look. Even subtle changes like new chair covers can have the desired effect.

Do It Yourself!-getting a tradesman or contractor to renovate your kitchen can be expensive and can sometimes make jobs longer. There are so many renovation tasks you can carry out yourself, such as updating your flooring.  A new floor can give your kitchen a huge boost and there are some affordable options, depending on what you choose. Snap-in hard wood or faux hardwood are cheap alternatives to solid oak and are easily installed.

Cosmetic changes-it’s the little changes that can make a huge difference. Cosmetic changes like new chairs or stools, plants and flowers or even a new splashback will give your kitchen a modern, fresher look. These items are usually inexpensive and can be bought relatively cheaply if you shop around.

Decide on your budget and stick to it-you can easily get carried away when it comes to a new renovation project. It’s always best to work out your budget; what you can and can’t afford, and then stick to it. Shop around to find the best deals, buy directly from merchants rather than DIY retailers and look online to get the best deals.

Keep the same layout-making changes to your kitchen layout can be extremely expensive, especially when you decide to relocate sinks, gas and electric etc. You will more than likely exceed your budget if you decide to make these kinds of adjustments. These jobs can also take a long time to complete.

New handles and knobs- replacing the handles on your doors and cupboards can make a huge difference and is usually inexpensive. Most home improvement stores will stock an extensive range of handles and knobs in a variety of styles and materials. Choose plastic, wood or metal to suit your desired style.

Ex-display kitchens-if your kitchen cabinets are worn beyond repair, an ex-display kitchen may be your solution. These kitchens are often overlooked by buyers who automatically think they will be damaged or in poor-condition, but this isn’t the case. These kitchens can be in great condition and will be substantially cheaper.

Bio: This article was provided by Britannia Living, supplier of premium appliances and kitchen cooker ranges.