Traditional House Design Meet Luxury Interior Decorating

Chalet Brickell

What would happen if a traditional combined with modern décor in it? Surely it would be very attractive and elegant. You can find these designs in the heart of Megève, a commune in the Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France, Chalet Brikell is a luxury accomodation unit developed by Pure Concept  is a designer-creator specialised in luxury properties and this residence have 12.900 sf area. Registered in the village, this exceptional chalet and guest house, is also required by the evidence of his presence at the foot of the mountain, in the white garden of nature.




Tailored in every detail, he held sobriety rich materials, the subtle associations elegant and accuracy function. Wood is the defining element of the interiors, contributing to a warm and cozy holiday feel, enhanced by comfortable furniture items and overall inviting decors Nothing is left to chance. Each accessory plays his score by the color, then light. Rugs custom made, original designs. A modern chic simplicity all authentic.