Top Six Methods For Home Organization

Top Six Methods For Home Organization

Relaxing and unwinding is very difficult when your home is full of clutter and you can never seem to find what you need. No matter how huge the task will be, it is time to stop putting off your . Here are six easy steps to tackle the project this weekend.

1. Get Rid of Extra Stuff

The first step to home organization is getting rid of all the unnecessary things in your house. Start easy with trash and papers before moving on to duplicate items, outgrown clothes, and old toys. The more ruthless you are, the cleaner and more organized your home will be.

2. A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place

Once you have pared down your belongings to just the essentials, find a permanent place for everything. Some items are easy: clothes go in the closet. Other items may be more difficult. You may need to build more shelves or take advantage of storage companies. You can find safe self storage options in Las Vegas, Kansas, Washington, Texas, and pretty much anywhere else in the US.

3. Use Storage Containers Wisely

When you keep small groups of items in storage containers, they are easy to put away and easy to find when you need them. For example, large totes can keep all the Christmas decorations together while small shoebox-sized plastic containers can hold crayons in one place.

4. Label Everything

Labels make home organization easy, and the more labels you make, the more organized you will be. Label spots on children’s shelves so they can put their toys away themselves. Label large totes in the attic so you can find what you are looking for quickly.

5. Utilize Underused Storage Space

Besides the closets and shelves, your home probably has plenty of storage spaces you are not using effectively. Out of season clothes can be kept under the bed. Books and papers can be kept in end tables.

6. Develop a System

Home organization is not a one-time process: you have to continue to keep your home organized as time goes on. A system can help with this. For example, you may organize one room a day, pick up clutter each night, or designate a certain spot for opening mail.


While home organization does take time you may feel that you do not have, it will pay off in the long run when you can find all the items you need when you need them. Plus, it also offers the peace of mind and relaxation of living in a clean house.