Tips How To Set Beautiful Kitchen at Home

For some people, cooking is an activity that is fun. Unmitigated, they will choose a versatile ’s sophisticated or have the facilities to distribute this hobby. One is made to the a fun place to perform the activity process and provide material of food.


Kitchen functions can be divided into two:



wet kitchen
This is where the cooking is actually done, such as preparing food from raw to processed into food that is ready to eat.

dry kitchen
In this room most people only make the food simple and easy to work, such as preparing breakfast. For the modern family, dry kitchen can also be a place for a family gathering while enjoying a small meal.

Kitchen shape
With the development of culture and technology, is always changing. Planning now follow the modern kitchen triangle principle which states that the three main functions of the kitchen is the storage (like a refrigerator), preparation, and cooking.

Creates a neat kitchen atmosphere and nice views:
1. Choose the color a bit brighter in order to create the impression of clean and not too narrow.

2. Kitchen Design Plan or as much as possible due to the small house will be seen directly from the and family room.

3. The kitchen design should follow the interior of the house, so this room into one entity from another room.

4. Placement Furniture’s Kitchen and must be appropriate and in accordance with needed.

5. Use for spices, foods, or equipment to make it look neater.

6. Put back the goods that have been used in place.