Some of the wackiest beds from around the world

Generally speaking, a bed is a bed. Most peoples’ bedrooms will be fitted with a particularly standard-looking bed, but for some, they need something a little bit different. If you desire a quirky and bespoke bed that sums up your personality all in one go, you certainly aren’t alone.

Here are four of the weirdest beds we’ve managed to find:


The Floating Bed

floating bed

This bed is more of a work of art than a mattress!

Gizmag explains that this bed is the result of much hard work and effort on the part of Janjaap Ruijssenaars, a Dutch architect that’s been working in conjunction with Bakker Magnetics. It floats an amazing 40cm above the ground thanks to the use of incredibly powerful opposing magnets.


The Feel Seating System

The Feel Seating System

It might look a bit odd, but the Feel Seating System from US company Animi Causa has a sensible design behind it. The bed is created with 120 soft ‘sofa balls’ that replicate molecular structure. They’re covered in elastic fabric to make them pliable and cushioning. One of the best things about it is that you can shift it around to change its shape, so by night it’s a mattress and by day it’s the world’s comfiest chair!


Private Cloud

private cloud

The Private Cloud is the ideal bed for those that crave the lulling motion of rocking chairs while asleep. It’s a bit bigger than a ‘normal’ bed, but it’s certainly more modern and creative. It gently rocks at the smallest movement of the sleeper but its special design means this won’t wake the person up. Instead, it’ll help them get a deeper, better night’s sleep.


The Scoop bed

the scoop bed

If the traditional sofa bed doesn’t take your fancy but you need something that combines both of these functions, try the Scoop bed on for size. This strangely circular bed can come apart at the middle to create two comfortable sofas, so you can have superb seating and plush bedroom furniture all at the same time.


Finding a weird and wonderful bed might take some time, but you can be certain that there are lots to choose from out there!