Renewable Energy Sources for the Home

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My Redland roof- Renewable Energy Sources for the Home


When it comes to social and environmental awareness, UK citizens are among the most knowledgeable in the world. While this is partially down to the advent of technology and the way in which it empowers learning, scientific advancement has also allowed home-owners to access a range of environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources. Although these options may not be cheap to source initially, they are becoming increasingly affordable as the government look to promote sustainable living.


Renewable Energy in the Home: Three Viable Sources


With this in mind, what are the three most popular sources of renewable energy in the home? Consider the following: –


  • Solar Power: Perhaps the most well known source of renewable energy, solar power draws heat directly from the sun and has the capacity to provide both warmth and light to residential buildings. As technology has evolved experts have also found additional ways to harness the natural energy of sun, which means that it has the capacity to successfully heat water. Solar shingles can be purchased and installed in any residential property, and they are becoming increasingly popular as the cost of non-renewable energy sources continues to soar.


  • Wind: While wind is considered as a separate entity to solar power, it is important to note that heat from the sun is pivotal in almost all forms of renewable energy. The wind is driven by the sun’s natural heat, which can then be captured by turbines and converted into a viable energy resource. The use of wind as a renewable energy source is less popular among residential home-owners, thanks primarily to the fact it is impractical to implement in busy suburban areas and far less predictable then solar power.


  • Geothermal Energy: While the sun is responsible for creating a significant number of renewable energy resources, it is not central to all of them. Take geothermal energy, for example, which taps into the Earth’s internal source of heat to generate electric power production and heating. This is another renewable energy source that is becoming increasingly popular among home-owners, as it renowned for being reliable and relies on the mechanics of a specifically installed, underground pipe system.


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