Make Your Indoor Gardening Easy and Healthy With Grow Lights

Make Your Indoor Gardening Easy and Healthy With Grow Lights

means regulating the growth of plants effectively with the use of artificial sunlight. Metal halide, fluorescent and high pressure sodium are some of the most commonly used LED lights. Each of these lights has its own advantages. High pressure sodium LED lights and metal halides have high intensity discharge. This means that the light they produce can easily penetrate the leaves of the plants.


Fluorescent LED lights are used to grow plants indoor but they generally inculcate the growth of small plants. In comparison to high pressure sodium LED lights and metal halides these are quite inferior. These are basically used for seedlings and clones. The light produced by them is gentler and suitable for fragile plants.


For vegetative plants, metal halide LED lights are widely recommended as they produce strong heat and light. It consists of white and blue spectrums that resembles to a typical summer day. On the other hand, high pressure sodium grow lights produce red spectrum light with strong heat. It mimics the angle rays of sun and it is used for flowering plants.


Led lights have various benefits in comparison to traditional lamps. Some of them are enlisted here.


Firstly, it helps in energy conservation. These lights can easily save 75% of the energy that is used in regular lamps. It also helps in reducing the damages that is caused to the earth. In fact, the cost of running these lights are quite less than HID lighting systems. Approximately, they use near about 100 watt power. In comparison to normal lamps these can be used 50 times longer with several facilities for domestic purposes.


With LED lights you will not able to hear any buzzing sound that comes out constantly from a regular lamp. These lights are quiet and calm. Thirdly, they are shock resistant and do not burn abruptly. They keep on reducing over the time thus it can be termed as “slow failure”. Unlike HID lamps these are not fragile or subjected to easy external damages. The best part of these expensive lamps is that it does not contain any kind of harmful substances like mercury and others.


LED lights produce low heat and they do not scorch the tender flowers and plants. They are quite warm and also produce less heat. It enables various plants and flowers to grow under one roof. These kinds of lights are proved to be healthy for plants and they also have high requirement for humidity. It reduces the need of frequent watering of plants.


There are various advantages of grow lamps and therefore you should be very careful while choosing a particular type and color. Today the market is flooded with various kinds of LED lamps and some of them are of poor quality which do not give the advantages as per claimed. It is advised to purchase lights that come with warranties. The initial cost of purchasing grow lights is a bit high but in the long run it can bring you unlimited advantages. So, you can consider it as an investment.

Low cost of maintenance, low consumption of energy and small size make these a multi-utilitarian product. Grow lamps or grow lights have wide applications and it is used especially for illumination, signal application, indicators and signs and non-visual applications.