How to keep guests entertained while you’re cooking

If you’ve never hosted a dinner party before and have just pencilled one in for the coming months, chances are you’re feeling a little bit nervous. It isn’t just your cooking that will be under scrutiny, your ability to act as a host or hostess will also be important, so you should start brushing up on your entertaining skills now.


One of the biggest issues with dinner parties is ensuring your guests are kept entertained while you’re rushing about the kitchen. The last thing you want is for them to be sat in silence in another room!


Here are a few ideas for keeping your guests entertained while you’re cooking:


1)      Get some great party games

Board games have really made a comeback in recent years, so there’s nothing wrong with getting out the games for your dinner party. There are also some traditional dinner party games that you could introduce your guests to. 4food has a range of games that you can play, including ‘The Secret Message’, ‘Kiss Cutie’ and ‘Measles’.


Also, interactive games for consoles such as the Nintendo Wii and the Kinect on the Xbox 360 can really help to break the ice.


2)      Make sure there’s music playing

When your guests arrive you should make sure that you already have music playing. Your choice of music can really help to set the mood – go for upbeat music that will appeal to everyone’s tastes and give people something to talk about.


3)      Get the bar ready

While you don’t want your guests to hit the drinks too heavily before dinner is served, having a small bar ready for them can give them something to do. You could set it up with wine and cocktails that guests can help themselves to; try preparing some hors d’oeuvrestoo. Make sure that your appetisers are small enough so as not to fill your guests up, and ensure their flavours complement those of the drinks.


4)      Make introductions

If you’ve invited friends that don’t actually know each other, always introduce them to one another before you return to the kitchen. Highlight similar interests that they share, so you can leave them with a conversation starter.


Your dinner party is sure to be a success as long as you keep your guests thoroughly entertained, so start working on your hosting skills now!


This post was written by BEST Hoods, a company providing designer extractor and cooker hoods for home kitchens across the UK.