How To Create Natural Fences With Plants


Nowadays trend is currently popular is Create natural with plants. In addition to beautiful, too many types of plants provide other benefits, such as treatment. The fences is intended as a barrier. Barrier between the owner of the house or yard that one with the other owners. Therefore, every home build the fence according to the tastes and needs of each. There is a magnificent wall fence, there is also a wrought-iron fence rigid and sturdy. There is also a combination of walls and iron, so it seems solid. The reason to make such fences, among others, for the sake of safety factors, and reasons related to social status. Fences are magnificent and luxurious would raise homeowners toward designation as a modern person.


However, now beginning to emerge movement back to nature. All natural, Full of charm beautiful, Environmentally friendly, And one of his form is making hedges. What was interesting? In addition to natural and cool, beautiful hedgerows also impressive artistic. After the shoots sprout, then plant regulated and trimmed to form the “building” is beautiful. There is also a flowering hedgerows, blossom, to show the impression of vibrant and energetic from fences.





Select Small Seeds for fences
plant a hedge? Hoe the soil as deep as 20 cm and a planting hole, depending on your taste. Can be made as simple as a rectangle lengthwise, or cut into cubes or hexagons but connect, for example. Let the planting hole is open about 2 weeks, while soil organic fertilizer given as much as 2-4 kg/m2 on the hole, also 30 grams of NPK (15 15 – 125) / m2. Or urea, TSP and KCl each 10 gram/m2. after 2 weeks, given hole soil fertilizer is inserted back into the planting hole, then leave again for 2 weeks.


Next, select the seeds from which plants will be planted on fences. We recommend that you select the seeds that are still smaller than the already large. Make a small hole, and enter the seed. Press the soil around the base of seedlings, seedling give stake and tie it at stake. Afterwards, flush to wet.


In order to grow lush hedgerows, should be given fertilizer every month. For flowering hedge plant, fertilizer use NSK (15 25-15) that its high P content. As for the leafy hedges, use of NPK fertilizer (25 15-15) that the N content is high. In addition to fertilizing, watering to do well, especially in the dry season could be watered 2 times morning and evening.


Trimming Prune on fences
Beauty hedgerows can also be obtained by pruning, ie pruning activities, cut stems and leaves of plants. Lazy cut, then the plants will grow abysmally poor across and add to the impression of dirty house fence. Original purpose for creating beauty, trim produce the opposite, dirty unkempt.


Why should be trimmed? First, that is always growing new shoots, and makes plants so lush regularly. The second is to get a beautiful shape hedges, tidy and healthy. Pruning should be done at least 2 weeks or 3 weeks. Do not be too long (over 1 month), because in addition to more difficult to cut, is also difficult to establish plants.


How to trim the that correct? Prepare 2 pieces of bamboo and rope. Plug the bamboo at the ends of the hedge. Tie a rope on a bamboo fence next to plants with high end depending on your tastes and needs, then pulled the rope and tied around the bamboo at the other end. Behold the limit stretch of the rope. And that’s where you can shave the plant. Its easy to create beautiful natural house fence.