As we all know, the fashion world can change its mind in a heartbeat. One moment, drainpipes may be the fad of the minute whereas the next baggy trousers could be making their way down the runway.

Although we tend to associate this changing dynamic with the world of clothes, the truth is that in the world of internal décor, this is another entity that can change with the wind; almost without warning.

With that in mind, which small décor trends are likely to set the world on fire this summer?

Elegant decoration

Elegant decoration


In a world that is quite often missing basic forms of beauty, it is expected that this summer elegance will be one of the crucial aspects of design as people go back to the more homely and comforting roots.

Leta Austin Foster says:

“Enough with the plain. I think people want pretty, and I predict a surge in demand for classic fabrics like Colefax and Fowler’s Bowood.”

Leather Sofas

leather sofas

With elegance in mind, there’s nothing quite as visually pleasing as a beautiful leather sofa. As money is becoming a little less tight these days, more people are able to afford beautiful designer sofas.

With so many stores now found on the internet, you can save huge amounts of money by simply researching into which sofa is the right for your home. Click here for more information

Emphasis on art

Emphasis on art

Today more than ever we are designing our homes with very little thought put forward in the way of art. This however, is looking to change this summer more people are beginning to focus on paintings and craft as summer fairs begin to pop up throughout the country.

For a great list of art and craft fairs, see this wonderful diary, highlighting some of the best shows throughout the UK.

Bright colours

Bright colours

Having just come out of a five year economic gloom, people are now looking to the bright side of life by decorating their home with bright and awe-inspiring colours.

If you want to keep elegance in mind, subtle summer colours will work best for your home with peaches, soft yellows and creams taking great precedence.

Rustic Furniture

rustic furniture


A fashion that never really dies away, but does sometimes get left in the background, rustic furniture is a beautiful way of paying homage to our past.

To add to this, if you’re looking to save money this summer, then there is simply nothing wrong with buying second hand furniture or even revamping an old favourite.

If you’re lucky enough to live near the coast of course, you can even put your hands to work and use driftwood to create beautiful pieces of art that can be used in everyday homes.

Here is a great, yet entirely simple walkthrough of how to treat driftwood, even if you don’t happen to live near the coast.